Making Balinese Lawar On Penampahan Galungan

by - September 16, 2020

Today on September 15, 2020 is Penampahan Galungan which is Penampahan Galungan is one day before Galungan Ceremony. We do making a lawar, Pork Soup, Balinese Sambal ( Bali Seasoning ), and Ares vegetable. Lawar is very famous in Bali absolutely but for Balinese stay outside of Bali Island they know about lawar you can also find Lawar food in some warung or restaurant in Bali. Lawar is vegetable mixed with minced pork and mixed with some seasoning local sambal (sauce). So, my mom making this for eat during Galungan and Kuningan ceromony going.

Here is some photo I shot of Lawar and Pork Soup my mom made it and I hope you are enjoy with the photo let's check now!

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